A diverse range of B2B work

A diverse range of B2B work

As a small, specialist creative agency, we find ourselves doing a wide variety of work for different clients. For instance, in the last few days we have produced a diverse range of B2B work:

  • Reprinted a series of technical datasheets for client in the offshore gas industry
  • Written copy for a new brochure for a waste water treatment client
  • Updated various website landing pages to measure advertising
  • Attended the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing Annual lecture on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in London. CMO of computer giant, IBM, explained  how predictive data helps improve the targeting of ads online – just one of many areas where AI will speed up decision making
  • Have written and broadcast two e-shots to B2B lists
  • Pitched for one new client 
  • Created a hard-hitting new idea for a Charity
  • Lots of other stuff too…

There’s something about the diversity of what we do that makes the business we work in so much fun.

 Can we help you too? If you could do with our help then give us a shout! A chat about your business and objectives costs nothing!

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