AdPlace email newsletters

AdPlace email newsletters

Peter Kay or Michael McIntyre it’s not, but hopefully, it’s still worth a read…

News is starting to appear about the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018 – and no doubt plenty more will be written.

We are working with the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing to find out as much as we can as we can about the new rules, so where clients are using e-marketing to keep in touch with their customers, we can cover their backs in regard to ensuring they stay within the law according to GDPR.

The key word is ‘transparency’. Letting people whose data you hold know why you are holding it and how you intend to use it.

With this in mind, we have had a look at the data we hold and have previously used for e-marketing. The result is that we have removed 95% of the records as it is out-of-date and/or no longer relevant.

We produce regular emails and email newsletters to send to our friends, clients and suppliers and hope that you would like to receive this too. Its purpose is to keep you up-to-date with things that are happening in the marketing industry, give you a shout if we find anything new that could be of benefit to you and hopefully to make you smile occasionally.

To inform and entertain – like the BBC, but without the money!

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Back to the matter of GDPR and transparency. The new Regulation says that ‘Data Controller’ should only hold the minimum data required to maintain the relationship with the ‘subject’ (you) and explain how they intend to use it.

There must be a clear means to unsubscribe easily and without fuss.

Alternatively, if you agree that we have something to offer, then you can click here to sign up and we’ll add you to our ‘newsletter’ list.

Finally, thanks for reading this far. As I say, don’t expect our email newsletters to as entertaining as Peter Kay or Michael McIntyre, but we do look forward to keeping in touch, either directly by email or through this blog. Some may hopefully make you smile though.

Kind regards,

PS: We also create, manage, broadcast and measure e-mail marketing campaigns for clients. Can we help you too? Find out more here.

PPS: Any data we rent or buy on behalf of clients’ is GDPR compliant.

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