Advertising works

Advertising works

“There’s a guy works down our chip shop swears he’s Elvis…”

Well, that’s not true. But, what is true, is that I came across a guy in a chip shop who swears by advertising.

I was travelling through a small town in West Yorkshire and had time to kill. It was lunchtime, too. That ‘fish ‘n chip’ feeling came on, so, where’s the nearest chippy.

I drive this way quite regularly, so in the back of my mind was a small sign, on a wall, that read: “Fish and Chips, 2nd right after the park”. Where exactly was it? Had I missed it? No, there it was, just ahead.

Took the 2nd turn on the right after the park and it was there, on the right. Fish, chips and peas was just the best way to kill 30 minutes or so.

Fish and chips apart, what was at work here is advertising. Simple ‘Guerrilla’ marketing’ tactics. Low cost advertising. Just a small sign on a wall. Yet the proposition was clear and uncompromising. If I wanted fish and chips, then I knew exactly where to go.

‘Advertising doesn’t work’ is the often heard mantra. The thing is, advertising does work.¬†Particularly if you make sure that it’s clear, concise and to the point. There were no ad-blockers on that sign!

So where’s your ‘fish and chip’ sign? It could be in print. Online. On the Tube. Or on billboards outdoors.

Your sign should be exactly where your audience is going about their business, ready to buy when they see the right product, the right message and the right call to action. Your product. Sell more of it by advertising. Advertising works!

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