Eight common problems when you sit down to write

Eight common problems when you sit down to write

This is brilliant. Written by Kristin Piombino of ragan.com, it really had us smiling, so have look. Whether you write copy, Blog, create content or you’re at school and it’s homework stuff, you’ll know the feelings – and the distractions!

As PR professionals, copywriters and content creators, it’s difficult to maintain a certain level of creativity. We imagine ourselves as these inspired, mass producing writing machines, though inspiration does not always come quickly, and as we have learned many times when sitting in front of a screen watching the cursor flicker on blank white page, it doesn’t come easily either.

While you may get discouraged,feeling like you may not be cut out for this profession, just remember: you’re not alone. In this list of common struggles content creators face, you’ll find that others also miss typos in their work after publication, or they, too question their spelling abilities, and yes, even they have to acknowledge that they simply do not know everything.

So next time you’re feeling doubtful about your writing or communication skills, use these 8 common struggles specific to people in our same profession to remind yourself: no of us have a clue what we’re doing really…

Here’s the link to get the full story – and don’t forget, keep writing!!

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