Geolocation is perfect for national businesses that wish to ‘look’ local

Geolocation is perfect for national businesses that wish to ‘look’ local

I was recently carrying out random searches to identify potential users for a content-driven marketing service we offer that improves the search rankings of small businesses and Googled the phrase ‘Taxi to Heathrow’ to find out what local taxi firms came up in the search. not many, it seems.

As well those offering to take me to Heathrow airport from London or the Home Counties, one company  stood out from the rest. It offered to transport me to Heathrow from Sheffield – but it wasn’t local to my location.

It was a London-based taxi business using a system called ‘Geolocation’.

Geolocation technology has been around for a number years and is a very simple but an extremely clever data concept.

Websites that use Geolocation identify visitors through their IP address (every computer or device has a unique IP address). This enables a website to identify where a website visitor is situated and then presents content ‘local’ to them in response to their search.

For example, a national recruitment company might present a list of jobs in the East Midlands in response to a search request by a website user based in  Nottingham.

Or, as in my search, information relevant to someone living in Sheffield was delivered to my screen following my search for a taxi to Heathrow.

Using Geolocation software, a web advertiser can appear to be located locally to the person searching and by definition, this looks like a more relevant solution to their search needs than a competitor. It’s perfect for national businesses targeting particular towns or regions. For example, manufacturers, insurance companies, retailers, estate agents, financial businesses, travel companies and lots more could find it useful.

As ever, if you need more information – we partner with a major provider of Geolocation marketing  for websites – then please do not hesitate to give me a shout. Email or call 01246 431572

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