10 Takeaways from 2018 Search Conference

10 Takeaways from 2018 Search Conference

Last month, we attended the annual Search Conference in Manchester.

Again, a high quality speaker platform was drawn from across the international advertising and marketing industry. As in previous years, some of the content was more for the technical guys in the room. However, most could be applied by any marketer taking the time and trouble to do so.

According to Ellie England of Bing/Microsoft, 90% of the world’s information has been created in the last two years! That single fact reflects the size of the task any web marketer has when trying to stand out.

Catagorised into Content, News and Search, here are ten top takeaways from the day. If you need more information about any of them, then please get in touch.


  1. Your content is useless without traffic. Create internal links on the website so that you help Google bots to find it when they visit your website
  2. Try to write your website copy with a unique sales proposition (USP) on every page. Tailor your content for your audience
  3. Responsive design allows your website to be presented in the most suitable format for the device it is being viewed on. It is now the desired format for Google ranking
  4. The best strategies are the most simple! Create an action plan for your web content and don’t lose sight of your original objectives
  5. Some products are more likely to turn people into brand advocates than others. Can you attach more value to these products?


  1. ‘Fake News, has been around since the time of Pompei and it is believed because of repetition. People trust local news rather than national news. Make your web news or blogs about emotion rather than facts  – news is more powerful if the message confirms someone’s habits


  1. Google gives people what they are looking for – users want to be ‘spoon-fed’ so when creating content, lead them by the hand to your product/service
  2. Enriching connections and personalising interactions  with your audience remains key to successful online marketing. Apps like ‘Chatbot’ and ‘Home Advisor’  can help
  3. Voice search is the next big thing, with Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ leading the way. Now is the time to register your company’s ‘Skill Innovation Name’ with Amazon as it’s the way SEO is going

Test, Learn and Grow

  1. There is no single path to success, so find out more about what tools and tips are out there to help you improve the way you present your business online. Your website is your shop window – which is why you need to answer as many questions about your products and services on your website as you can.

As Google’s Sabrina Garufi pointed out:

“People no longer ‘go’ online, they ‘live’ online Be there, be smart, be quick!”

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