The power of direct mail

The power of direct mail

This morning I received a mailshot in the post from a photographer who I last worked with at least 6 years ago.

It was a nice mailshot. Good photographs. Clearly explained what he did and a web address and phone invited contact. And it reminded me of the power of direct mail!

The main thing I liked about the mailshot was that he had bothered to send it.

As I said, I do know him – but haven’t made contact in all that time. In fact, the truth is I had forgotten about him! He works in the sectors we work in. and now, if I have need for a photographer I am politely reminded that he could help me.

What this underlines is the fact that your customers don’t remember you! They’re not constantly thinking of ways to use you, or buy from you, and if they are not losing sleep over you not keeping in touch.

Do the same as my photographer friend and post something – a letter, a brochure, a post card – anything to remind your customers of your existence.  You never know, it might just generate a quick phone call or email for a chat.

I think I’ll ring the photographer and say “Hello”!

We have a brilliant download link on our Direct Marketing web page that explains the power of direct mail and well how it is received and retained.

You’ll be surprised at the power of direct marketing by post. Why not go to the Direct Marketing page and download the free infographic now. Thanks.

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