The Power of Colour in Marketing Proposals

The Power of Colour in Marketing Proposals

I have just watched a seven minute film on YouTube called ‘The amazing Hamleys experience‘, featuring a presenter called Geoff Ramm. It’s well worth Googling. Because what he talks about works.

Geoff talks about the power of Personalisation, Colour and Standing Out in your sales and marketing proposals.

Some years ago, at an agency I worked for, I ran a tender application for the design and printing of an annual report for a major organisation. The value of the work was well into five figures. 

We created the designs. I researched and wrote the quote. We built in a decent margin on what was a tender involving a number of design agencies and printers.

I put the original pitch document together in the way Geoff did. Microsoft Word. Portrait. A4. Customer logo. Centered client name. Testimonials, etc.

But, in a price-driven tender, how could we stand out. Apart from our stunning creativity, of course!

I changed the format of the document. Yes, I kept the portrait format. But made it A5 in size. I added glossy full colour covers. A wire bound spine. And clear film outer  covers.

A few days after delivering the tender I got the “you’ve won the business” call!

In his film, Geoff says his success rate went up by 25% when he changed the format of his proposal documents.

Watch the film and change the way you do things. It works! Start winning.

PS: We once designed a sales brochure for an orthodontic manufacturer. On the cover was a full colour shot of a girl, beautiful smile, with a parrot on her shoulder. It was quirky. It was appealing. It had nothing to do with orthodontics. But it was different. And the client loved it.

Thinking differently works!

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