What is it your website designer isn’t telling you – or doesn’t know – about why your web traffic is reducing?

What is it your website designer isn’t telling you – or doesn’t know – about why your web traffic is reducing?

Like many other businesses of all sizes, you may have seen a reduction in the amount of visitors to your website. If so, you are not on your own and there are things you can do about it.

However, doing more of the same is not one of them.

Instead of doing more, do things differently. And the things you can do are not necessarily big things. In fact, just making small changes to your business marketing can have a big effect.

The problem you and other business marketers are having is down to one thing. Mobile.

The way people, particularly consumers, are now looking at websites on their mobile phones and responding to advertising – or not.

Instead of being sat behind a desk looking at your website on a PC, or at home with a laptop perched on their knees, they are looking at websites and email marketing on the go. When they are on the train, in a cafe, walking along the street or watching TV and looking at their phone at the same time.

Wherever they are, they are making buying decisions.

What they are not doing is filling in enquiry forms on websites, or signing up for white papers and similar downloadable information on their phone. They are doing things differently, which means you have to, too!

If you have spent the last five years exclusively marketing to your customers online, then you might have to think again.

Take the way we listen to music. For example, over the last ten years we have moved from LPs to CDs to downloading music from the web. How much more convenient is it to have your music collection and play lists a click away on Spotify. Or, if you  hear a new track that grabs you, you simply go to an app and find and download it in seconds. And that’s so easy to do, wherever you are.

But, it’s not the same experience as walking into a record shop used to be and picking up a piece of vinyl and holding it in your hand. Reading about the artist, checking out the lyrics and ultimately, taking it home, removing it from its sleeve and placing it on the turntable. That’s the difference. That’s why vinyl is making a come back and record shops are opening all over. It’s sort of crept up on us quietly and gone “Boo!”

That’s what’s happening with online marketing. It’s changed while you weren’t even looking!

What can you do to change things?

You need to look at the ‘old’ ways of marketing again and how you could integrate print – which is also undergoing a massive resurgence presently – postal direct mail and the telephone with your emails and website marketing. Sadly, your web designer can’t help you here. But we can.

Unlike many agencies, we have continued to create integrated online and offline campaigns and help our clients increase sales, when ‘experts’ preached online at the expense of all else.

And now, like vinyl, books and magazines, print advertising, games and many other ‘analogue’ things that were said to be as dead as the Dinosaurs they were likened to.

If you want to know more about how an agency that continues to mix old and effective marketing techniques with new online techniques, then just call us now on 01246 431572 for a quick chat.

You can then find out how we help clients get the best out of all types of media. And we may even send you something tasty to help get the juices going as you think about how we can help you reach more customers.

You’ll soon discover, as others have found, that we’ve more to talk about than just website design.

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