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Who’s looking at your website?

Turn your site visitors into customers!

AdPlace_Squares_green WHO’S ON YOUR WEBSITE?

95% off website traffic is anonymous –

now you can turn visitors into Customers

Identify visitors to your website in real time. Find out what businesses are looking at your site, the pages they look at and how long they are there, so you can follow them up!

You have spent time and money on getting traffic to your website, possibly on Pay Per Click (PPC), so why wouldn’t you want to know who’s coming onto your site?. It’s very easy and could be a customer gold mine for you.

  • Real time visitor data
  • Business contact details
  • Social media links
  • Key people in the business
  • Full map of their journey through your website, including exit pages.

A free demo will open up a whole new world of sales intelligence for your business. Have a demo today and start collecting data tomorrow!



Who are your website visitors and can you convert those you don’t know into customers?

Ever stopped to think why you have invested in a website and what you hope it will do for your business?

If your answer is “to find more customers or to build brand awareness”, then that’s fine.

But, what do you know about the visitors who find your website?

95% of website traffic is anonymous and very few visitors bother to make an enquiry. So how good would it be to access all the details of businesses that have found their way to your website? Now you can. With a subscription to a superb easy-to-use research and reporting system, you can build a complete picture of the business visitors to your website:

• Identify visitors by business name
• What pages they have looked at
• The dates of their visits
• Key words they used to find you
• The industry they are in
• Their company information
• Their website address
• Their telephone number

Armed with this valuable information, you can now contact them.

It’s now far more than a ‘cold call’. It’s a qualified lead that comes with all the knowledge you’ve obtained from your visitor reports, including, the knowledge of exactly what products or services they are most interested in. Everything you need to help you to turn that ‘anonymous’ website visit into a sale!

Find out how to turn your website visitors into qualified warm leads – call or e-mail AdPlace Marketing today and arrange a no obligation demonstration and if you wish, a real-time demonstration exclusively for your website.

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