Brushing The Dust Off Some Fantastic Marketing Tools – Why Not Take Advantage?

Brushing The Dust Off Some Fantastic Marketing Tools – Why Not Take Advantage?

We were chatting with a social media partner and the conversation moved towards the wide array of marketing tools that are out there just waiting to benefit your marketing activity.

Some we used this week and some we haven’t picked up for years. That’s why now seems like a great time to brush the dust off a few of these and see if we can use any to help you.

It’s not essential that we do the leg-work for you but it would give you a bit more time if we did. So what’s in the ‘toy box’ and needs to see the light of day again? Why not grab a coffee and have a quick read; briefly and in no particular order, as they say on TV…

E-mail marketing

An old favourite that really works. You can use us to write, build, broadcast and measure your email marketing while you simply follow up the leads. But, watch out, the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)  come into force on 25th May 2018 and it’s more important than ever that you understand them. If you don’t, then we can help you with that too.

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SMS Text Messaging

Why do so many businesses shy away from the concept of using text messaging for marketing campaigns? Used properly, SMS is highly efficient, direct, succinct and gets good response. It’s perfect for promoting events, offers, timed campaigns, or to remind people of closing dates or last chance call-to-actions, etc. Send images, links or just a few words direct to customers’ phones at incredibly low prices.

Video Books

This is what kicked off the conversation. These branded video players come with instant play technology and functionality buttons for ease of use. Perfect for getting your videos, PDFs and other marketing messages past the ‘gatekeeper’ and onto the decision maker’s desk with impact.

Landing and Lead Pages

If it’s data capture you want then this is a brilliant way to share content, secure customer sign-ups and collect customer and prospect data. Again, it’s simple to use – once you’ve mastered them, that is – so why not brief us to create them for you. They’re quick to create, easy to send as individual texts or to your lists and incredibly cost-effective.

Lead Forensics

Who’s visiting your website? These guys have a strong sales team so the chances are they’ve had a chat with you already. However, if they haven’t and you want to see a free demo, then they’ll take about 30 minutes of your time – 30 minutes that could change your marketing activity for the better. You can find out what businesses and organisations visit your website, what pages they look at and how often, how long they spend on site and if they come back. You can’t see the person but you can identify the company and make that follow-up sales call. If you do nothing else, let us introduce you to these guys. It’s not hard sell, just a no obligation way to find out what value you’re missing out on!

Film and Video

The prices have gone through the floor while the effectiveness and immediacy of video has rocketed. You know what it is – we can help you to use it. Video blogs, social media, corporate stuff and ‘how-to’ films all work brilliantly. And video searches really well on Google. Back to those Video Books I mentioned earlier…
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Social Media

Almost everyone does it, but how many do it well? It’s cheap effective and is highly engaging. However, it can also be time consuming, frustrating and a pain in the-you-know-what, as your best intentions to do a daily post lie in tatters because your email box is now full of urgent things to do. Let us take the strain and work with you to create effective, planned social marketing campaigns.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn has just launched its latest suite of direct marketing tools that enable you to target audiences by age, job title, job function, skills and experience, geography, and much more. There are 500M+ registered LinkedIn users worldwide – your potential customers are in there – you just need to find them.

Twitter Forensics

This is a low cost service that enables you to grow a following on Twitter. Not just any followers, but those who best meet your customer profile and who are in the right geographical region. Every week you receive a report that gives you stats about the businesses that have followed you the previous week. Names, addresses, website domain, phone numbers and more. It’s all there waiting to help you get more sales opportunities from Twitter.

3D CGI Illustration

If you design products, need to demonstrate them visually and can’t build a mock up, then this service enables you to do just that. From the initial drawing to a full 3D movie, you can bring your ideas to life. The film on our website shows lots of examples – it’s highly visual and something that needs to be seen to get the full benefits.
Watch it here


Shareable media that’s brilliant for putting your brand and services on mobile phones – we’ll help you create one that’s exclusive to you – and it may not be as expensive as you think!

Google Adwords

Lots has been written about this so I don’t intend to add to it all, other than to say, we’ve found Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising works. The impact of mobile on website traffic has been massive and  PPC has helped us help clients to maintain a level of quality paid-for traffic, while organic searches have plateaued. With Adwords you are ‘buying’ website traffic, but if it is targeted correctly then you will eliminate waste.  PPC is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels we employ and slots well into a media mix that includes e-mail marketing, print advertising and lead generation.

Television advertising has just gone ‘local’

This is just amazing! You can now target your customers and potential customers with TV. Yes, you can advertise to tightly defined audiences down to post code level, with commercials that have big-brand quality. Campaigns can be created and targeted with little waste – and what’s even better, if the viewer doesn’t see 75% of the commercial when it’s aired then you are not charged for the spot. It’s too complicated to go into here – we just know how to do it and how it can benefit your business. Which is why we will do your planning, airtime buying and commercial production for you. If you’re a smaller local business then you can look like a national advertiser. If you already use TV, then you can boost audiences in areas where footfall might be lower than you’d like. It really is win-win!
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Look, I guess that’s about it for now. I’m going to e-mail this out to everyone we know, perhaps in a couple of e-shots so that folks don’t get too bored by the amount of words. It is a 140 character world now you know!

If you want to find out more about any of these superbly effective marketing systems and tools, then just email me via this link or call 01246 431572 for a chat. Perhaps we can go for a coffee?

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