Direct Mail Helps Engagement With Customers

Direct Mail Helps Engagement With Customers

Royal Mail and GDPR – Four Letters that Make Letters More Valuable

The introduction of GDPR in 2018 has made marketers think a little deeper about how they develop and maintain relationships with customers.

How we engage with customers, keep them up-to-date with new products, promotions and events has to be carefully managed. This is because engaging with a customer is expensive, and businesses do not wish to see them opt out of receiving regular brand communications.

Royal Mail has created a guide you can download free. Inside, you will find out about opportunities in the GDPR, along with tips, research and statistics that will help you manage personal data and use it legally and safely.

You can download the full information which explains how direct mail helps engagement with customers using this link.

Yes, Customers Really Do Value Mail

Royal Mail has recently carried out a major market studies to show how direct mail is received, retained and responded to in the home. It made fascinating reading.

  • 70% of people say that receiving mail makes them feel more valued
  • When asked, 87% say they believe what they receive in the mail, compared to 48% for email*
  • 1 in 3 people have ordered or bought something as a result of receiving mail in the last 12 months**
  • People who receive mail from a business spend 31% longer on average looking at that business’s social media content***

Build Longer-Lasting Relationships With Mail

Mail has never been more important in demonstrating how you value your customers. It builds trust and helps them to feel valued by you. And has the power to make a lasting impression.

Download the free guide that will help you maximise the opportunities GDPR brings.

Download the ‘Post’s More Engaging Than Posts’ PDF by AdPlace Marketing here.

*Royal Mail MarketReach, Mail in Uncertain Times, Kantar TNS, 2017. **IPA Touchpoints, 2018. ***Royal Mail MarketReach, Neuro-Insight, 2018.

Post based on information received from Royal Mail by letter on 13.11.18.

Get Your Copy Of The ROYAL MAIL Guide

To download your copy of this important Guide which explains how direct mail helps engagement with customers, go to the Royal Mail website here , call 0800 996 1656 or email AdPlace Marketing.


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