Looking for pay per click then don’t fall for auto SEO

Looking for pay per click then don’t fall for auto SEO

New developments from Google this month include a new option called ‘Dynamic Search Ads’, which is now available to all advertisers and really does allow the machines to take over.

With Dynamic Search Ads, you just point AdWords towards part or all of your website and that’s pretty much it. Not only will AdWords select the keywords for you, the algorithms will write the advertisement headlines too!

The prospect of losing that much control is of massive concern to us, particularly as it will probably allow a new generation of super-low-cost agencies to arrive on scene, offering to run your AdWords campaigns for peanuts. They’ll just set up the account, tell Google to get on with it, and collect their fees.  Clients may be blissfully unaware until the day they see an advert for their company which looks like it was written by a robot …because it was.

We are running ‘managed and targeted’ Pay Per Click (PPC) Adwords campaigns for engineering businesses that are really getting results. This is where we create the brief for you, write the ads, target activity where you need to find enquiries and then manage the campaign as it unfolds.

With ‘Spambots filtered out’, our targeted campaigns are delivering great value for money in terms of ‘all PPC visits’ and ‘engaged visits’, i.e., people visiting more than one page or staying on site for more than 20 seconds.

And if you want the UK only, we’ll give you UK only. No waste. No bots. No rubbish. Just rock-solid, cost effective value for your marketing Buck! And new leads, of course!

  • There’s no contract.
  • There’s no tie in.
  • There’s no BS!

Just good old fashioned hard work that makes your online advertising work. And you get monthly reports, a free directory entry and a voice at the end of the phone if you have any queries!

Find out more via our contact page or emailing from here.

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