Google Searches And Things.

Google Searches And Things.

I recently attended the day-long SEO conference in Manchester. There were sixteen speakers, all of who had something current and exciting to say. From Google searches and things, to SnapChat, it was the ever changing world of online marketing and SEO.

Here is a quick summary of my top three presentations.

Nobody Knows What They Are Talking About Any More!

Until recently, Google has announced when they will be issuing an update. Over the years we have seen Hummingbird, Panda and Penguin, to name three. As of now, Google will no longer be announcing anything.

Which is why website owners must concentrate on what you are doing, not what Google may or may not do.

I quote: “Algorithms have reached the quality of reality show contestants.”

This means that you must use well written copy, headings, text emphasis and sub-headers in your text, and develop links to and from high quality sources.

Importantly, write for people not robots.

Use your copy to build expertise, authority and trust. Link from sites that laser in on your core specialisms, demonstrate proof of your expertise and all should go down well with Google. Read more about Google searches and things.

Inclusive Marketing For All Cultures

This Microsoft/Bing presentation covered the important matter of inclusive marketing to optimise business and life.

This was fascinating. Microsoft’s Xbox packaging has been designed to help people access the product easily. According to the short film you can watch via the link below, a pull on the outer tape enables the pack to spring open and expose the game console. Lift another tab and the console virtually leaps out.

With easy to access ports and large pads, it was very easy for people to get access and start to play games.

To find out how this revolutionary approach changed people’s lives, click the link below.  This is a must-see! Believe me. Watch the Xbox film here.

Google Searches And Things. It’s All About Entities

This was both simple and complex at the same time and very much the presentation of the day for me (along with Liverpool One’s Jurrasic campaign that I told you about in my last email.

It is one for copy writers, web developers and companies creating content for their websites.

The speaker’s philosophy is that everything is linked to ‘things’. The Taj Mahal is a thing. So is Mount Everest. As is your local Chinese takeaway. In simple terms, when you write copy for a website, think about what the person searching for your product or service really wants to know.

Using the data within a website, Google searches are driven by relevance to the question. What’s actually going on in that website? To be successfully crawled and indexed, your website must be interesting enough to get Google’s interest.

Which is why you must:

  1. Describe the ‘thing’ your pages are about
  2. Be descriptive and create good copy about the ‘thing’ or ‘place’ you are talking about (not lots of lists).
  3. If you are writing news or a blog, then the author is a ‘thing’ who needs describing

As you write, look for ways your ‘thing’ can live alongside all the other things, and look at ways they can link up. For example, if a product is in tourism, find other quality tourism information to link with. This will add authority to your website.

Going back to the Chinese takeaway, imagine you are being asked about it. Answer the search query with useful information. For example;

Chicken Chow Mein; local, takeaway; opening times; menus; prices; page authority. Google then makes it its job to match the best answer.

As ever, we use events like this is to find ways, high end tools and other technologies that will transfer to the point that our clients can benefit from them.

If you wish to find out more, or have any questions about Google searches and things, as well as how you can improve your websites visibility in searches, then please drop me an email here. I’d love to help you.

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