Tools to boost Google

Website owners can use these tools to boost Google rankings!

Tools to boost Google. News has emerged recently of another tool that website owners can use to positively boost their Google ranking – SSL certificates.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a technology used to encrypt data that travels between a website and a user’s computer. You are probably already familiar with SSL technology as it is typically used to encrypt sensitive information, like credit card details, at an online checkout.

An Unusual Announcement From Google

However, Google has announced changes that give a slight priority to sites that use SSL when defining search engine rankings.

The company is usually quite tight-lipped about how its algorithms work, so it is clear that they are determined that more sites should implement SSL to protect users as they browse every page on a website, not just during the checkout process.

As a result, they are encouraging website owners to apply SSL technology to their entire website to both protect their customers and potentially receive a favourable Google ranking.

It’s very early days, but Google has said that tests they have carried out have been positive, with test HTTPS URLs appearing on the first page of search results.

For now, SSL certificates are most appropriate for the protection of online sales transactions, but this latest change from Google suggests that all site owners will need to set up a SSL certificate sooner rather than later, if only to gain a small boost over their competitors.

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