Send ‘local’ content to your websites the moment they arrive on your website

Have you ever landed on a website that somehow, knows where you are located and leads with content that’s local to you. If you’ve seen it in action, then you’ll know that this is an incredibly powerful way of engaging with website visitors, the second that they come onto your website.

And it’s not as difficult – or expensive – as you may think.

Website GeolocationThe days of simply hoping website visitors will find what they need on your website are long gone. So, why not point visitors to content relative to where they are located? After all, they are more likely to stay longer and visit more pages if the content they read is relevant to what they are looking for and to where they live. Think about it for a moment. If you are located in Manchester and are looking for jobs in your area, then how good would it be for you to go to click on a recruitment website and immediately, be presented with a page of jobs in Manchester! They’ve got your attention now, haven’t they? Or car insurance in Nottingham. Or a video pointing you to vets in Southend, if you live there. It’s powerful stuff.

Highly accurate and effective website visitor targeting allows you to present localised information in a simple, cost effective and privacy-sensitive manner – with content tailored to the visitor’s location at the moment it’s most relevant. And once they are there, keep them there, by providing relevant, engaging subject matter that could improve your response rates by 300%!

It’s accurate right down to post code sector level, so if you want to ‘talk local’ to your customers, then that’s got to be worth finding out about! It’s an  amazing way to grab attention, deliver local content and keep visitors on your site!

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