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Good companies that advertise sensibly

will out perform companies that don’t.

Advertising is not only a highly cost-

effective way of increasing sales, it can

also enrich the consumption of brands.

Creative advertising campaigns in trade press

Creative advertising is still one of the best ways to reach your target audiences cost-effectively, increase brand awareness and sales.

Just look at the viewing figures for big ITV shows like ‘I’m a Celebrity’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. That’s why companies are paying top rates to advertise to millions during these programmes. They know advertising works.

And it works for smaller businesses too.

If you are a manufacturer or service provider who wants to reach a targeted  audience, then advertising offers you a cost-effective way to reach them.

You just have to identify the right media, buy it at the right price and then be creative about getting your messages over.

“Simples!” As the Meerkats say!

Feedback from Publishers

Having sent out new creative for a client trade press ad campaign, we received the following feedback:

Design Solutions

“I really like the new copy, it’s quirky with a very clear message. I am delighted to be the first trade magazine to carry it.”

PlantworX Catalogue

“….and ad looks brill !”

And that’s where we can help you. You’ll get the very best from your creative advertising campaigns when you work with an experienced B2B agency that knows the sector.

From brief to delivery, you benefit from:

  • Creative ideas and strategies that will get your message seen
  • Benefit and keyword rich copy writing for maximum engagement
  • Planning and buying to get you the best media deals and maximise your budgets
  • Scheduling and production delivery, ensuring all print and publishing materials are supplied on time
  • Help and advice based on your marketing objectives and desired outcomes

Creative advertising: People buy benefits

Having an experienced agency look at your business from the outside, means that we may see things you accept as ‘everyday’ as something special – and potentially providing huge benefits to your potential customers! It’s our job to help you present them in the most creative way, to generate interest and turn that interest into a sale.

People buy benefits!

Yes, advertising that puts the ‘big benefit’ at its heart puts you on the road to increasing your brand awareness and generating more sales.

Remember, if you want to talk creative advertising campaigns, then please talk to us!

Read our blog: There’s a recent post about the return of print advertising as an effective media for brand building. Read ‘Print advertising or online. Nothing’s new” here.

If you want to find out more about using Advertising as part of an integrated campaign, then please drop us an email and we’ll contact you. Alternatively, just call:
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