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3D modelling for manufacturing, engineering

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3D modelling and technical illustrations

bring your product designs to life!


3D Modelling Movies For High Impact Presentations

Bring your product designs to life in clean, crisp detail with CGI. They can be shown in a studio or a real world-environment, or as still images or animated movies. That’s what sets you apart from your competition.

3D modelling adds impact and vibrancy to advertising, technical literature, exhibitions and presentations.

Why settle for flat, two dimensional drawings? Demonstrate your product’s capability, specification and operational benefits using exciting exploded views, detailed cutaways and movement. They can look almost better than the real thing.  

3D Modelling And Technical Illustrations For Product Designers

From automated engineering to precision instrumentation, to virtual films and animations – you can benefit from CGI 3D modelling.

CGI is a very cost effective way of bringing your products to life. Images are created to an extremely high level of detail that is often far better than you can create in a photograph.

Images can be shown in a studio or a real world-environment. Or as still images or animated movies. They can be cut-out or have ‘live’ movement that shows off all the unique and important aspects of the product.

And once produced, they are yours to own. No fees or hire charges. Just a one-off charge that means you can use them forever.

Whatever your market, expert designers will create exactly what you are looking for. Whether its power transmission components, construction plant, architectural walk-throughs or precision equipment, we can produce it for you in 3D.

With 3D modelling, you can benefit from:

• Exploded view product and prototype visualisation

• Components viewed from any and every angle

• Virtual sets and other green-screen studio environments

• Conceptual visualisation and artwork

• Product and prototype visualisation

• Walk-through, virtual building designs

• Computer games and character animation

• Plus, package drawings, website, exhibition graphics and lots more.

Find out how your ideas, prototypes and product designs can look far better in animated 3D. Just send us a summary of what you are looking for and we can prepare a quote! You can email here.

3D Modelling Turns Your Ideas Into Sales!

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The 3D modelling illustration (above) was created from a drawing supplied by client.

If you want to find out more about using 3D Modelling to help get your product benefits across mor effectively, then please drop us an email and we’ll contact you. Alternatively, just call:

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