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Facebook advertising – all done for you



‘Likes’ won’t do it for you. Find more Customers, just like those you already have, with Facebook ads!

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Your potential customers are on Social Media; you can find them with Facebook advertising. With three steps you can:

One: Build a custom social media campaign that works for your budget.

We will craft an easy-to-follow social media strategy  that fits your budget and puts you on the road to finding  new customers for a very low cost.

Two: Find new customers just like those you have already.

All or most of your customers are on Facebook and it’s our job to help you find them.  We’ll help you to match ‘look-a-like’ audiences, like the customers you have.

Three: Target people within a small radius of your business, nationally, or globally! Audiences matched and targeted to a multitude of data fields and lifestyle stats.

Face advertising – all Done For You!

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There is a path for using Facebook advertising and Social Media that could take your business to a completely new level. So, you need to follow it.

Accepted wisdom is that if you can get people to ‘like’ you, then you’ll have a flood of customers beating a path to your door. Because, the fact is that you won’t!

What you can do is ask us to help you tap into Facebook, its targeting power, its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its direct connections to Instagram. You will then be able to turn on its power of customer acquisition.

It is just like turning on a tap, but the best thing is that Facebook customers are the cheapest to find.

2018 saw a complete revolution in Facebook and Social Media Marketing and you must be on top of the opportunities it offers. Otherwise, your competitors will beat you to it!

Get it right and your customers won’t know what’s hit them. Get it wrong and you’ll lose business that could be there for the taking. You can read more here.

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What Clients say about our work:

“Social media marketing has helped us to find more individual drivers and business customers who want to train as lorry or bus drivers. Amy has done a wonderful job for our business!”

Jo Lloyd, L&T Transport Training Services

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If you want to find out how we can help you to maximise the BIG Facebook advertising opportunity, please email here or call 01246 431572 now!

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If you want to find out more about how Facebook Advertising can work for your business, please drop us an email and we’ll contact you.

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