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Here at AdPlace Marketing we are great believers in sharing good quality content that we think can benefit others. There is so much info out there, so we thought that providing links to information we have searched for will help others to find what they are looking for. We hope that you find the the news, feeds and business information useful.

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A man eating in a restaurantOne of the biggest challenges of maintaining a website is to keep all your content fresh and up to date. Especially with big sites this can make you feel quite overwhelmed. Not to worry, here are five tips to make this daunting task doable. Find out where to start, which content to tackle first and what not to forget. Happy updating!

Source: Marieke van der Rakt. Read it here on the Yoast! blog.

Best of the Rest

All the best Christmas TV adverts of 2018

Clip from the fom the Boots Christmas adHere’s a wonderful post by DigitalSpy ranking the best of the 2018 Christmas television commercials in ascending order. John Lewis, Lidl, Argos, Boots, et al, are all here for your delight. Do you agree with their choices? Whatever your choice, it’s great to see them all in one place to view and compare.

Source: Olivia Blair. Watch them all on the Digital Spy website. Advertising


Sasha Strauss | $100,000 of Brand Strategy Advice

An image showing Apple logo tattoosWe are all constantly making decisions based on brand promise. However, do we really know what the Mercedes logo is? Or what the Nike swoosh is? Even the ‘bite’ out of the Apple? This short presentation by Sasha Strauss takes a look at why we are happy to pay US$100 each to go into Disneyland (plus $20 to park) when other roller coasters are available!

Source: Bina LA. Watch the presentation here Brands


Content Marketing: Beginners Guide For Maximum Success

Cartoon image of a man trying to build a flat packThis is a good blog by BuzzSumo that guides you through the blogging process. As an increasingly effective marketing tool for businesses, blogging helps to grow a social media following and builds influence. For individuals, there are opportunities to become an online commentator or brand affiliate and make money. There is also a simple step-by-step Infographic showing the blogging process.

Source: James Blackwell. Read the full post here. Content 

More Manufacturing Marketers Are Now Turning to Content Marketing

Pie chart showing the statisticsAccording to the Manufacturing Content Marketing 2019: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report by The Content Marketing Institute, along with MarketingProfs and IEEE GlobalSpec, manufacturers are now increasingly turning to content marketing in a bid to meet their marketing objectives.

Source: Krystal Vermes. Get the full story here Content


4 Trendy Ways To Make Your Content More Powerful

A photo of a man with iPadMore on content marketing and how to maximise the value from content you share. This post highlights a few trendy ways to make your content more powerful. It also lists some of the communities you can engage with, so have a look at those which are most aligned with your brand.

Source: Mike Smith. Read the story from Best in Au here Content


The Marketer’s Guide To Choosing Images For Email

A photo of a happy faceThe images you choose for an e-shot not only enhance your message, they elevate the brand. If you find it difficult to decide what images to use, remember that people like seeing faces. On Instagram, photos with faces get 38% more likes. This post from Campaign Monitor tells you all you need to know, examples and stats.

Source: Campaign Monitor. Read ‘ The Marketer’s Guide to Choosing Images’ here. E-marketing


10 Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2019

A photo of a guy on Instagram IGTVWhat do you know about Chatbots, IGTV and Beacon Technology. According to Quicksprout, they are 1 of 10 marketing trends that will dominate in 2019. Chatbots are small windows that pop up and invite you to chat when you’re on a website and they are now quite common. IGTV is a new Instagram format for shooting ‘vertical’ video, while Beacons evolved 2-3 years ago yet never took.

Source: Quicksprout. You can get the full info on whats on trend for 2019 by clicking here. Marketing

Competitor Buying Your Brand Keyword? Here’s What You Can Do!

A lady working on a MacIt is difficult enough to master the art of Pay Per C (PPC) without finding out that one of your competitors is buying your brand keyword. Yes, it is vital to get PPC right as , unlike organic SEO, you are actually paying for your spot on the Google rankings. Having spent time and money on your PPC, you don’t want others buying ad spots on your name.

Source: Brit Martinez. Read this recent post from ‘The Marketing Folks’ here. Search

Voice Search Playbook: How To Optimise For Voice Search

Voice search playbookVoice search is the next big thing for the advertising and marketing industries. At the present time there are a number of voice devices (apart from your mobile, of course that search by voice. At the time of writing, Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ is the big one and we think it’s important to get your domain registered with Alexa before someone else does.

Source: Matthew Capala. Read the ‘Voice Search SEO Playbook’ post here. Search


How to Make Your LinkedIn Company Page Stand Out

A graphic how to make your LinkedIn page stand outDo you want to create a stronger presence for your company on LinkedIn? If you are wondering how others are using company pages to support their business goals, then this is the article for you. In this post, you’ll discover how ten prominent businesses are making the most of LinkedIn company pages.

Source: Vlad Callus. Read the story by ‘Social Media Marketing World’ here. Social media marketing

The Rise Of B2B Product Reviews – 2018 Survey

A LinkedIn Rise of B2B graphicWith online, influencer, peer and colleague feedback all impacting the B2B path to purchase, consumers have more control today than ever before over a brand’s reputation —  according to Demand Gen Report’s latest 2018 B2B Buyer’s Survey. According to this report, 65% of B2B buyers rely on peer recommendations…

Source: Demand Gen Report. Read the 2018 B2B Buyer’s Social media

13 Facebook Engagement Tactics for Your Business Page

An image showing a rainbowThis is one of the best posts I’ve read about Facebook marketing. Yes it’s a long one but wow, it really covers the subject matter. You can’t just sit down and rattle a blog off (well you can, but ideally you need structure to create quality writing) and this shows the art in its subject matter. Incidentally, the longer the blog, the better its value on Google!

Source: Julia Bramble. Yes, I’m a fan of Social Media Examinerread the full post here. Social media

How to Make An Audience Notice, Remember and Love Your Brand on Facebook

A pic of fashion model with shoulder bagA quick step-by-step guide through Facebook and how you get the best from your page to get yourself noticed. The growth of smartphone use has made taking pictures and shooting video really easy, so it’s really important that you have credible, high quality and relevant visual content on Facebook. Start to build your reputation with images.

Source: Aida Gadzo. Get the full story from the ‘Jeff Bullas’ blog site. Social media

5 Months On From GDPR Marketing Emails Half But Opens Soar

A map of Europe with the EU starsAccording to netimperitive, retailers across the EU have halved the number of automated marketing emails sent since the GDPR came into force in May 2018. However, those emails are now 30% more likely to be opened and double the value in terms of purchases. Likewise, our own automated emails have seen a significant increase in opens too.

Source: netimperitive. Read the ‘GDPR 5 months on’ post here. Email marketing


3 Marketing Don’ts Even If Budgets Are Tight

A photo of a marketing meetingA marketing budgets get tighter, don’t to view Marketing as a variable expense. This post contains thoughts from  Denise Konke, author of ‘All of  the other marketing books are crap‘. Excerpts from her book are; why you shouldn’t expect old strategies to bring the same returns; don’t fail to plan; and the perils of not bothering to write a brief.

Source: Henry DeVries. Read the Forbes post in full here. Marketing


AdPlace Sharing Content

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