Although Universities Have Closed, You Can Still Have Access To Students

Although Universities Have Closed, You Can Still Have Access To Students

Are you advertising to students? From its formation eleven years ago, AdPlace Marketing and Media has been involved in marketing to teachers, students and schools.

And if students are one of your audiences, we still have the solutions to get your brand in front of 2.4million of them! 

Whilst the channels and approaches to marketing may temporarily adapt and change, the youth market remains alive. 

Now is the time to adapt your strategy and time to get creative. With a plethora of channels waiting to be utilised, from email marketing to influencer marketing and social media marketing to youth focused platforms, this is the prime time to engage with students and target them where they will be… online.

It is important not to forget that when face-to-face experiential is not a viable option, online streaming experiential marketing provides high engagement and interaction through gamification and similar channels.

Advertising to students. Tailored interactive digital marketing to reach 2.4m UK students

Yes, we know that a very high proportion of UK resident students are already at home, but, one thing is certain. That the youth market is still very much alive and is still extremely accessible for brands. Students still have access to:

  • expendable cash
  • they are still receptive to brands, and 
  • students are looking to #beattheboredom 

Even with social distancing in force you can still achieve interactions and engagement, and with so many digital channels to use, being creative and engaging in your approach to this audience is still very much business as normal. Please call 01246 431572 or drop me an email if you would like more information. You can also get more information by completing the Contact Form.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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