‘Wall of Investment’ To Be Ploughed Into British Business.

‘Wall of Investment’ To Be Ploughed Into British Business.

“Getting Brexit Done” is just one of the tasks of a newly empowered Government. This is your chance to capitalise on the growth of British Business in the new decade.

As well as Brexit, of course, there will also be the NHS and hospital building, fixing the economic imbalance of the south and the north, not to mention more investment in schools and technology.

Build this. Fix that. Aim high.

This Government, led by an inspirational Boris Johnson is on the move.

If you want to be part of this new start, then cast off the shackles and uncertainty of 3½ years of stagnation and put yourself out there.

Compete. Advertise. Tell the builders, innovators and companies who are going to change the landscape that you want to be part of it. That you want to work for them.

Tell them what you offer. The fantastic services you provide and ask them – no, tell them – that you want to start a conversation.

Show everyone what you are capable of.

Showcase Your Case Studies, Testimonials, And Your Successes For British business.

Wake up, dust them off and start selling.

Think Big. Be Big. Sell Big. Get out there before your competitors take business that you could win.

Nobody will beat a path to your door if you don’t tell them where it is. And more importantly, without knowing what’s behind it when they enter.

Which is why you should advertise.

Advertising Works.

It’s time to look at where your new customers are going to come from. Which is why you should strongly consider advertising in your trade press, newspapers, on buses, on radio and through video.

Did you know that 82% of customer Internet traffic will come from video in 2020?

It’s time to make sure that you benefit from using Video to sell more. Get your message out there right now – we can help you to do this.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Take advantage of the coming growth in British business opportunities. However, before you do, just think about this:

50% of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting.

Source: Hubspot

Make sure you focus on finding the right businesses, who are right for you, and that you want to work with.

  • Work out who your best customers are
  • Understand why they buy from you
  • Set up a targeted sourcing and prospecting new business programme
  • Research your audience and make connection calls to create mutual credibility
  • Introduce pricing – the sooner the better to avoid frustration later.
  • Make sure that the person you’re talking to can make a decision. If not, find out who can and bring them in too
  • Arrange ‘discovery’ meetings to find out what your prospects’ real problems are
  • Ask them what would happen if they don’t do anything
  • Don’t waste hours writing a full proposal until you are 99% certain that it will be accepted
  • Create a solution or demonstration and present expected results
  • Secure the contract / ask for the order
  • And repeat

If you talk to 100 prospects then you may only find 30 who want to connect with you. Of that 30 you may get 10 detailed calls, two or three or demos, and ONE sale.

That’s Why You Must Start Now.

Find out how Adplace Marketing and Media can help you to get your share of this massive opportunity for 2020. Ring or email here.

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