How do I choose an advertising agency?

How do I choose an advertising agency?

How do I choose an advertising agency?

If you are thinking of choosing an advertising agency then you need to consider a few things first.

You need to think about what you want the agency to do for you.

You need to establish your budget, or what you are happy to spend on your advertising.

Finally, do you want to advertise retail products to individuals or consumers, or is your business selling products or services to other businesses?

Some agencies specialise in consumer advertising. Others, like ourselves, specialise in business-to-business ( B2B ) advertising and marketing.

You also will want your agency to be of a size that you are comfortable with.

Be sure that they have experience in the sectors and with audience you are selling into.

Also, you need to be happy that they can give you the service and turnaround you are looking for.

Once you have your check list than you can start to search for one that can help you.

Why should I choose an advertising agency?

Choosing to use an advertising agency can help you in many ways.

If you need help creating a campaign to promote existing products, or to help you launch a new product, then an agency can help you to think about the following:

  • Focus on your product USP (Unique Selling Proposition) – identify what’s different or special about your product or service.
  • Sell the benefits, not the products. In otherwise, focus on the ‘sizzle’ not the ‘sausage’ itself. People buy benefits!
  • Create a strong and compelling advertising message for on-the-page or site impact
  • Find the right medium or media mix for your campaign or marketing
  • Support it through other channels – email, social media, public relations, etc.
  • Measure the impact – look at what’s working and what could be improved

An agency is a business partner so it is important that you work with one that understands you, your business ethic and your objectives. Synergy is really important, as you will, hopefully,  be embarking on a long-term relationship

There are also other benefits. For example, if you have no dedicated marketing department then an agency can act as your ‘marketing manager’, taking responsibility for this part of your business, freeing your time to do other things. It becomes an extension of your business team.

Additionally, you may need help with copywriting, brochure design, illustration, or other creative services. Designing and building a website, including writing the copy in a way that makes your site stand out from the rest, are all things your agency will help you to do.

You may also need an agency to set up, manage, create and post content on your social media, write blogs, help you to create videos, or a multitude of other things. And do remember, if the agency doesn’t have that specialism in house, it most certainly have partnerships that can help deliver it.

What does an advertising agency do?

An advertising agency works with clients to create all types of advertising and marketing campaigns.

The agency may call itself by a number of different titles, which may include terms like ‘creative agency’, ‘full service agency’ or ’boutique’ or ‘design shop’.

The trend for agencies to move away from generalisation, or ‘full service’, which began a few years ago as many set up specialist businesses, either independently or as part of international groups has recently slowed. Many ‘specialists’ are now now bringing more services, media planning and buying, or social media and digital, for instance, back in house. This is because clients have been looking for the convenience and interaction of an integrated approach to marketing across different platforms, rather than employing a roster of agencies for different services.

However, many smaller agencies remain and produce great, even exciting work.

AdPlace works with a number of creative and talented partners across many sectors. This helps keep prices down as no ongoing costs need to be passed on to clients. Consequently, AdPlace clients only pay for the services they use.

If it’s advertising, public relations, e-mail marketing, social media, design and print, video, TV or radio advertising that you need, then you are on the right page.

From concept to completion, an advertising agency like ours will create and manage a one-off project or a complete campaign. All work, whether carried out in-house or by a specialist partner, will be overseen by our team. Our clients find us proactive, efficient and creative, so if your looking for an advertising agency to help you, then do take a longer look at us. A chat costs nothing – and it could pay dividends for your business if we work together! And we’ll put you in touch with one or two clients if would like a reference.

How much does an advertising agency charge?

Like any other business (well, most) an agency is remunerated for work it carries out on behalf of clients on a weekly or monthly invoice basis.

Charges are based on an hourly rate for work carried out, which might include copy writing, planning, public relations, social media  or creative work. You will always be given an estimate for the work and we will not proceed with anything until we have your authorisation to do so.

We don’t like surprises – and we know our client’s don’t – which is why we keep a monthly timesheet. This records all work carried out on a client’s behalf, so that everyone knows exactly what we have done during a particular period, and how long it took to complete.

Any external services that are bought in are always quoted and agreed before an order is raised.

We do receive a commission from newspapers, magazines, broadcast or outdoor media when we book campaigns, but any negotiated discounts and commissions are passed back to the client. We then will charge a fee for the media, after agreeing it with you.

Does AdPlace Marketing and Media tick your boxes?

  • Business-to-business
  • Working with manufacturing, processing and service companies
  • Long experience in sector
  • Good with copy creation
  • Capable with online and offline media
  • PR savvy
  • Skilled in social media marketing
  • Creative
  • Problem solving
  • Media specialists
  • Friendly, laugh a lot – and won’t let you down
  • Cost-effective
  • Finally – an important one this – Proactive!

Want to know more about us. A Coffee and a chat. Just email us here and we’ll be in touch. Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.

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