The Quick Way To Find New Customers From LinkedIn

The Quick Way To Find New Customers From LinkedIn

How good would it be to find new customers from LinkedIn queuing at your door?

Finding new customers is hard.

It takes time.

It takes dedication.

And it takes effort.

Hey, don’t worry. We can make it easy for you to find new customers from LinkedIn.

Using a tried and proven lead generation process, you can target any audience you wish from hundreds of thousands of individuals on LinkedIn.

If you have a LinkedIn account, you will have your own connection network. You may add a few new ones over time, but we can get you more connections faster. And then help you to turn some of these into sales leads.

As with anything worthwhile, persistence and patience is the key – by leaving the hard work to us you can get on with what you are best at.

win business from linkedin

How Does It Work?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. You tell us where your customers are geographically, what industry, sector or niche they are in, the size of the business you wish to target, and their level of seniority or job title.
  2. Work with us to create a series of engaging messages about you, your products and the services you offer, and the benefits to your customers.
  3. Using a Mature Engagement Process that works, we expect to write and send 50 targeted LinkedIn connection requests each day to prospects within your agreed target audience. Then, keep in touch with them until they respond positively.

Once a person responds, or engages with your messages, we will pass the lead over to you to follow up, develop the relationship, and ultimately, get a sale. I’m sure that you will agree, it’s so much easier to contact someone who knows you than it is to make a cold call.

Yes, it’s just like networking, but making more contacts than you could possibly meet physically.

Can you afford not to do it?

  • You decide who and where your audience is
  • Benefit from daily posts from your LinkedIn account
  • We post regular connection requests until they connect positively
  • You then pick up and contact the warm lead
  • Monthly activity reports
  • Fixed price
  • No contract – just monthly payment with one month’s notice to cancel
  • Done-for-you ‘find new customers from LinkedIn’ marketing

Some new business systems go for the usual ‘Connect, Pitch, Depart or, Sit Back and wait‘ approach as it rarely works and can even be counter-productive.

Instead we use a strategy based on slowly drawing people into a conversation and encouraging them to engage with you.

The aim then is to steer the connection out of LinkedIn to a phone call, a meeting or an email exchange. It is from this point that the magic starts to happen.

Yes, this system works because it employs a tried and tested Connect, Engage, Engage and Engage Again‘ approach.

This proven process of Lead Generation is all about you and your customers. It works for 100s of other businesses – it can work for yours too.

New Customers From LinkedIn. How do I get started?

To find out more about how you will benefit from this proven Lead Generation Process, you can call me on 01246 431572, or drop me an email here.

We can then talk to you about getting started at the earliest opportunity and start sending new leads to your business.

What makes this service different from others I may have encountered?

The key differentiator that makes this service so successful is the campaign strategy.

This based upon personal learning taken from many years of real-world networking which recognises that in the B2B world you very often have to work at building a relationship before people are willing to buy.

It’s is said that “people like to buy from people”, but for some reason this is often forgotten in the on-line world.

The hard part is how do you implement and operate such a softly-softly strategy as it can quickly become quite complex and time consuming. The answer is, this is precisely what we specialise in, all day, day-in, day-out and why our clients give us such fantastic feedback!

Why don’t I just do it myself?

An analogy we like to use to highlight why you may be better outsourcing your LinkedIn Lead Management, is how a logistics company would operate.

The management team of such a company may be fully trained and hold HGV licences, but are they the best people to be sitting all day behind the wheel, driving trucks up and down the motorway? It would be far more effective to contract out the driving and allow the management team to stay at HQ and focus their time, skills and energy on priority value tasks.

This principle can be applied to LinkedIn lead generation, though there is a natural tendency (mistakenly in our view) to think that because this is “social media” you must be hands-on and doing it all yourself.

Is there a minimum campaign period?

No, there is no minimum period.

That said, the hard work of setting up your Lead Generation Process, identifying your audiences and writing your posts will take up pretty much all of month one. Which is why we recommend a minimum period of three months.

How often do I pay for the Lead Generation service?

Payments are made in advance. For example, if you agreed to start a campaign on 1st February 2020, then we would need payment on or before this date.

From then you will then be invoiced one month in advance until you give one month’s notice to finish in writing.

You will also need to set up a LinkedIn Premium sales package.

Are there any hidden costs?

Apart from the monthly operating fee and your monthly subscription to LinkedIn Premium sales package, which we use to target leads and post, there are no hidden costs.

All we ask is that you work with us to create appropriate copy and supply us with suitable images.

We also provide a copy writing service and post more general content onto LinkedIn and your other social media channels for an additional charge.

How easy is it to cancel?

It’s very easy. You just let us know that you do not wish to continue and we will cancel your agreement at the end of the month following receipt of your instruction to cancel.

Is there a catch?

We know from feedback received that, once users have had a month or so to start building up momentum with the Lead Generation Service, they are reluctant to stop it and turn off the steady stream of new customer openings they are receiving.

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