Has Your Business Been Affected By The coronavirus?

Has Your Business Been Affected By  The coronavirus?

We are living through extraordinary times, which is why I’d like to remind you about Google My Business, the free search tool that helps businesses promote products, services and location information in searches.

With the recent developments around the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), you may wish to let your customers know if you’ve made changes to your daily operations. Google recommends you do at least one of the following:

Have Your Business Hours Changed?

If you’ve changed your opening hours, be sure use it to inform customers.

essential free tools from Google how to set up Google my Business

Update Your Business Description

When customers search for you on Google, they’ll see your business description. Update it now to reflect any recent changes.

Create a Post In Google My Business

Share more detailed and timely updates about your business through posts.

If You Need Help We Can We Do It All For You

Click here or on the image above to download a free short guide that tells you all you need to know about setting up, adding content and managing your details on Google My Business

If you have not yet taken control of your Google My Business page, or need help updating it, then we can help you.

If you would like more information about how we could help you manage Google My Business then call us on 01246 431572 or email us via this link.

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