International Social Media Success For UK Charity

International Social Media Success For UK Charity

More great international social media to shout about!

We’ve recently helped make a small UK charity’s exhibition a huge success through international social media.

AdPlace handles social media and e-mail marketing for Caring Matters Now, a charity supporting families affected by Congenital Melanocytic Naevus (CMN).

Caring Matters Now recently held their ‘How do you C Me Now?’ exhibition in the Oxo Tower Wharf Gallery in London. It featured a series of photographs of children and adults born with CMN. CMN is a rare, untreatable and potentially life-threatening skin condition.

The exhibition featured 30 portrait images taken by celebrated photographer Brock Elbank. Elbank, who focuses on specific physical features, and it drew over 8,000 visitors. His photographs showed individuals with CMN from all over the world, many of whom visited the exhibition.

international social media for caring matters now charityAdPlace Marketing’s social media manager, Amy Helliwell, worked closely with the Caring Matters Now trustees. This was to ensure that the graphically striking images would be seen across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by the largest possible audience.

Jodi Whitehouse, Caring Matters Now founder and CEO said:  “Part of our success in raising global awareness of our work is due to the dedication and commitment of Amy Helliwell who manages our social media platforms on a voluntary basis.  Amy is very social media savvy and has made our small charity known worldwide. Our followers have tripled over the last 12 months, which has exceeded all our expectations.”

The social media and email campaigns by AdPlace Marketing ran before and during the exhibition.

To find out more about Congenital Melanocytic Naevus and Caring Matters Now, please visit the Caring Matters Now website via this link.

You can also find more on social media using the hashtag #howdoyouCMeNow

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