119 things you may not know about e-mail marketing

119 things you may not know about e-mail marketing

Occasionally, we find content that really is worth sharing. A stack of work has gone into creating this particular post, so I thought you’d like to see it.

As you will no doubt have seen from our posts, we do help clients with their e-marketing campaigns – from creation to measurement and would never suggest that we know it all. That’s why info like this is so interesting. Read it here.

Email marketing is not new but it does represents a smart marketing strategy that can help build brand awareness, trust and loyalty, while also increasing the percentage of conversions and of revisiting users.

E-mails can be sent out for a variety purposes, such as:

  • To encourage repeat business
  • To help customers to buy more from you
  • Sharing useful information
  • To build and develop your relationships with a present and past customers.

This new Infographic highlights 119 facts about e-mail marketing, giving you lots of interesting stats that will help you better understand its benefits.

You’ll also be able to view studies, find out what works, what doesn’t work and what you should do to ensure that your email marketing campaign are successful, rather than a nuisance to your customers.

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