Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year From The Adplace Blog

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year From The Adplace Blog

When you find yourself landing on something like the AdPlace blog, does it tell you anything about the business behind it?

In my experience, not very often.

In this post I am going to change that, as far as our business goes, anyway.

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I’m Geoff Noake and I’m the founder and owner of AdPlace Marketing and Media Limited.

Since 2009 my agency has been providing advertising and marketing solutions for a diverse range of businesses. As I’m sure I’ve said elsewhere on this website, we work with clients of all sizes, from start ups to major PLCs.

However, we find our skills best suited to small to medium business to business organisations, under £10m sales.

Well, that’s the formal bit out of the way.

Here’s the informal bit.

I take pride in running a successful family company. In the run up to Christmas we took the ‘junior’ members of the business, my grandsons, out for a walk across the fields near our offices in Derbyshire.

adplace blog

A Grand Day Out

Amy, who excels in providing social media services for clients, my wife Louise and the four boys got stuck in to some very wet and muddy footpaths and thoroughly enjoyed it.

There was a drink waiting at the local pub when we’d done, which capped off a great morning.

The only strategy we bothered about was what to have for lunch. And how to avoid having an eye poked out by the boys’ sticks.

So that’s us. Down to earth people creating practical and cost-effective advertising and marketing solutions for clients.

We hope that you have a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Fancy a coffee?

If you are a client reading this Adplace blog post then thanks for your continued support. If you are not yet a customer and you think that we might be right for you, then why not give me a call on 01246 431572 or drop me an email.

We could pop out to meet you or have a chat over a coffee at that nice pub near the office.

Thanks and Merry Christmas.

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