Organic Or Paid For Facebook Advertising Works

Organic Or Paid For Facebook Advertising Works

I have recently received a number of different sponsored posts promoting advertising on the Facebook platform.

One company in the south east has been posting a headline along the lines of “Why waste your time with Facebook?”.

Clicking through for more info, it claims organic posts don’t work on Facebook as the platform will not promote free posts ahead of paid advertising. Whilst this has some truth, it is not entirely fact.

Photo of young woman in mirrorAdPlace Marketing handles social media marketing for a number of clients and while we do some paid-for ads, much of what we do is organic. And yes, Free Facebook Marketing works if you:

  • Identify your audience
  • Write appropriately for them
  • Invite them to connect with your social media pages
  • Post in the correct way
  • Feature powerful images
  • Use appropriate hashtags and links for greater reach
  • Measure, review and adapt

The benefit of free Facebook posts

Looking at a single Facebook post placed on one day last week, stats show:

  • 14,370 people reached
  • 931 reactions/comments
  • 2,118 clicks and shares…

…without spending a penny on advertising for this client.

Facebook has developed its ‘machine learning’ to a point where it works brilliantly for targeting new customers. But why go off spending money on ads when you can use social media to communicate with those who already know you. And as you will know, selling more to existing customers is the easiest route to finding more business.

Yes, it takes a little longer, but as you can see, organic social media can pay dividends. And by mixing organic social media activity with paid-for social advertising, you can reinforce awareness among present customers and find new ones, just like those you already have.

Find out more about free and paid Facebook Advertising

Photo of a girl taking phone picIf you’d like to find out more about how organic and paid-for social media advertising can benefit you, then give Amy a call on 01246 431 572 or email via the link.

Read more about Facebook advertising here.



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