Facebook is changing the rules – here’s a quick summary!

Facebook is changing the rules – here’s a quick summary!

We’re closely watching the changes going on at Facebook and how they will impact on social media marketing. Certain things we have taken for granted are now no longer effective, so here’s the inside track for you:

Where are your customers?

  • 62% of consumers use Facebook
  • 12% of consumers use Pinterest
  • 11% of consumers use Twitter
  • 9% of consumers use Instagram (This figure is currently on the rise!)

And don’t forget, these figures talk about consumers, but business owners, managers and specifiers are consumers as well.

Improve Organic Reach

  • As you will have seen, Facebook now has a preference for video. A video of 90 seconds is ideal, although 35-40 seconds must be watched to make any impact on your stats.
  • Facebook prefers authentic and regular posts, posting relevant, up-to-date content
  • Facebook has new features designed to improve interaction through  ‘Audience Optimisation’. Using a button accessed when scheduling a post, you can target/reach people who are more likely to engage with it
  • Facebook Live – Live video, streaming over  Facebook, sends a notification to your followers that you are LIVE!

Changes to Facebook

  • Posts created for the sole purpose of pushing people to buy your product or service using external links are now getting penalised
  • Posts that push people to enter competitions, promotions, giveaways etc., are now being penalised
  • Posts that re-use content from advertisements now get penalised

Facebook preferences

  • Facebook prefers companies/business pages to schedule directly through Facebook, rather than by using an external platform
  • It no longer likes outbound links
  • You should now upload any video content directly to Facebook, not via You Tube
  • Create content that encourages engagement and interaction with your followers
  • There is little reward in using the ‘Boost Posts’ feature as these are low value and just target any user online at that particular time.

That is a quick summary of a few of the changes presently happening at Facebook. If you want to find out more, then simply drop me an e-mail using this link. Thanks.

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