A Single Page Website Gets Your Business Online Fast

A Single Page Website Gets Your Business Online Fast

You may well have a large multi page website for your business or organisation. But does it do everything you need? A single page website can complement your main website and give you more.

If your main website has a Content Management System (CMS) then you may be able to add or delete copy content and images as you wish.

However, if it is doesn’t then getting it amended by you ISP or web developer may be slow and costly.

Which is why I want to tell you about a cost-effective web solution that gives you the combination of speed, minimal costs and lead generation in one place.

The Single Page Website.

A single page website enables you to promote a single product or service to your customers and we can get it online within hours. It can also be designed to closely match your corporate colours and styling, but in its own stand-alone environment.

Just look at the benefits:

  • A low cost, high value website for smaller businesses
  • Promote promotions that don’t need lots of pages
  • No domain registration
  • No website hosting fees
  • Quick design and build capability
  • Data capture facility
  • Links to social media
  • Shareable
  • No need to trouble your web developer/ISP

Additionally, the single page website can link back to your main site, to your news or blog, to social media, or anywhere else you want your site visitors to go.

We can design your single page site using your own copy and images, or we can write the copy for you for an additional cost.

Read about one client who complained he is getting too much work from his AdPlace-designed website.

Here are three examples of single page websites we have created for clients:

International engineering company generating leads from content downloads. This is a single page ‘thanks’ acknowledgment that directs site visitors to other things you do. Why leave website visitors hanging when you can keep them on site? Read here.

A local pest control business using a single page website to distribute a brochure and collect data. Read here.

A national power transmissions company using a single page site to promote three different product brochures. Read here.

Get Your Single Page Website Now

To find out more about how a single page website can help you by calling 01246 431572 or sending an email via this link.

Visit our websitedesign page.

Photo credit: Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

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