Why We Were Very Pleased To Get Our First Complaint In 10 Years

Why We Were Very Pleased To Get Our First Complaint In 10 Years

AdPlace Marketing and Media has been helping clients generate sales since 2009. Website design and development is just one of the services we provide.

I am pleased to say that we’ve never given cause for complaint.

Until now.

Yes, we’ve now had a complaint from a client about our work.

Their complaint is that the work has been too successful.

What Went Right?

Last year we were given a new website design brief for a local pest control business.

The brief was quite straightforward; the client wanted us to:

  1. Generate leads from householders and businesses with a pest control problem in South Yorkshire, north east Derbyshire and north Nottinghamshire
  2. Create and upload new content every month
  3. Provide an organic SEO service to promote the website

The website has been live for almost 12 months and we continue to write and add new keyword-rich content as briefed.

Consequently, visitor numbers have steadily grown, month by month.

What Is There To Complain About You May Ask

The client contacted us before Christmas to ‘complain’ that he is now getting too many inquiries.

Such is the volume of calls that we were asked to amend the published opening hours to help reduce the number of calls that come in out of hours.

Yes, those are the types of complaints we like to receive.

As for the SEO, whilst we cannot stop the website being found by people searching from overseas or across Britain, we can report that our efforts ensure that xx% of site visits are from within the client’s trading area.

You can also find out more about our online/website services here.

Carlsberg – Another Business That Doesn’t Get Complaints

Writing this post reminded me of a television commercial for drinks manufacturer Carlsberg. It shows a dusty old office where a phone is ringing on a long disused desk. You click can watch it here. For younger viewers unfamiliar with such things, the black thing he picks up and puts to his ear is a phone. This is a top ad.

Call Us For Website Design And Development

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