See Your Social Media Clicks By City

See Your Social Media Clicks By City

When you post links on social media, it’s more than likely you will use what’s called a short link.

One of the most popular, for example, is Bitly

I once read that what is second nature to some may seem like rocket science to others, so if you are wondering what I am talking about then that’s fine. I’ll explain.

If you want to promote a link to a particular website on social media, then you will write your post and copy the target page link. If the page is about ‘green apples’, then the link might be a bit long winded, something like or along those lines.

What you certainly don’t want to do is use your character count on the page domain address. So using a shortened link is far better, and far shorter.

Bitly is a free service, is quick and easy to use, but comes with limitations.

Now, with a Bitly upgrade, you will be able to see the location of the link click.

This means that whether you’ve got followers in Fort William or Florida, or customers in Cambridge or Cape Town, you can use Bitly to see which city drives the most engagement on your content.

When you upgrade to Bitly Enterprise, you’ll be able to access a breakdown of your top performing cities overall, and for each link you create. These insights can help you understand where your communications are making an impact — and where to invest.

With Bitly’s new city-level tracking, you can:

  • See graphs with click breakdown for top locations by country or by city
  • Export city-level results separately for each link, or overall
  • Use your top cities to decide where to target media spending or launch local events, or fine-tune your communications

Here are a few other benefits:

Bitly helps you build and protect your brand so you can leverage it across your communication channels to drive powerful business results. With Bitly get access to:

  • Custom Branded Domains
  • Replace the “” with your chosen domain name
  • Auto Branding
  • Any link shortened in Bitly by a third-party will use your custom branded domain
  • Unlimited Link Redirects
  • Easily change the destination page for any of your links
  • Campaign Management & Analytics
  • Glean insights from over 20+ link-level data points
  • Account Setup & Support
  • Gain access to personalized onboarding and setup

If you want to know more about using short links in social media of online advertising then get in touch now to learn how you can get access to city-level reports. Alternatively, call 01246 431572 for a quick chat about any marketing or advertising related matters.

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