The Power of CGI in Brand and Product Marketing

The Power of CGI in Brand and Product Marketing

You might think that creating high quality CGI is expensive. The power of CGI is that it can often be better value for money than conventional photography.

Here’s an Example of the Power of CGI

If you are creating a range of products that use similar packaging formats, i.e., the same box, tube, sachet or bottle, the same creative look and feel, then the print design or labeling can be changed very quickly, and as often as you like.

Consistent Lighting and Positioning

An added benefit is that, once created, the object positioning and lighting remain identical, each time you change the images on the packaging. You cannot do that with traditional photography, as the pack would need to be reset for every different shot, which can be time consuming when you have lots of them.

Watch Pure Magic with CGI

Talk The Talk In Any Language

If you have a product that needs to be shown in different languages, the same cost-effective solution is achieved with CGI. Using similar product formats, branding and copy changes, plus languages for different territories, CGI comes into its own.

You can also create marketing prototypes, test campaigns, sales promotions and advertising campaigns, before the final packaging production has been completed. And it will all present beautifully on your social media.

Just Beautiful on Social Media

That’s why you must look at the real benefits of CGI – superb aesthetics, flexibility and consistency – before you write it off in favour of photography.

watch adplace marketing the power of cgi

Find Out More About CGI and 3D Modelling

To find out more about how CGI can help you, have a quick look at the short movie, call me now on 07896 785869 or drop us an email here.

You can also read more about CGI, 3D modelling and technical illustration on the AdPlace Marketing website.

We can soon send you a few examples. I think you will be surprised at what you can achieve.

By the way, the featured image on this post was created by Adplace Marketing from a drawing using CGI 3D modelling.

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