The Summer of 69

The Summer of 69

The Summer Of 69. The Beatles were riding high with Abbey Road and iconic famous zebra crossing pic, ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ was released – and I  started my first job in a newspaper.

the summer of 69

The letter from Derby Evening Telegraph confirming that they had offered me a job

As an office junior in the advertising department at the Derby Evening Telegraph.

This was the first step in a career that has seen lots of change over the years.

A brilliant time to work in the industry as media and marketing has changed so much since:

  • 78,000 copies of the Derby Evening Telegraph were sold every day in six or seven editions
  • Waiting list to advertise on Thursday and Friday as capacity was only 48 pages per edition each day
  • Brian Clough, Dave Mackay and Derby County’s two league Championships. The paper was alive!
  • The launch of free newspapers and the Derby Trader
  • The formation of BBC Radio Derby
  • First job in an advertising agency in 1977
  • The launch of Channel 4
  • The Internet – who thought that would catch on?
  • Planned the most complex bus advertising campaign the contractor had carried
  • Took on the top London agencies in their own back yard in bid for new business
  • Started my own agency in Sheffield in 2001
  • Created Motorola’s most successful online ad campaign ever
  • Co-founded StreetwiseSubbie, a membership website for specialist contractors in the construction industry

From the summer of 69 to 2019, I’m still going strong – and loving it!

Read more about my days now and at the paper here.


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