AdPlace Helps Golf Club Members To Vote In AGM

AdPlace Helps Golf Club Members To Vote In AGM

New virtual voting system is key driver in ensuring that members have the opportunity to vote in an online AGM.

When a Sheffield golf club asked AdPlace Marketing and Media to create a virtual voting system that would enable their 400 members to vote on a number of motions for their virtual AGM we did what we always do.

We said “Yes” – and then went away to figure out how to do it.

This year, owing to the Covid-19 lockdown, Dore & Totley Golf Club, Sheffield, are holding their annual general meeting via Teams.

This means that members would not be able to vote in the way they would at a live meeting, with a show of hands.

Consequently, the club needed to find a way to enable the members to vote and turned to AdPlace for a virtual voting system as a solution to an unprecedented problem.

The answer was to be found within the functionality of a system usually reserved for data capture and lead generation.

Virtual Voting System Created

Using a combination of bulk emails and the agency’s data capture/lead generation system, AdPlace created a method that would allow the members to vote on various matters, for instance, last year’s AGM minutes, the accounts, the club captain, vice captain and president, plus two new board directors.

Two unique voting forms with answer fields were created to cover the questions. The fields were configured so that it was very easy to collect the required votes and instructions telling members how to use the system were presented on the page one of each voting page.

Two emails were then designed with a covering message and instructions how to use the forms.

The emails were sent out five minutes apart to all 400 members Votes came in almost immediately with the data being captured in individual reports, as well as within the back office of the lead generation system.

The votes then can be easily be downloaded onto a spreadsheet for counting

By the end of day one, over 25% of the membership had completed and returned their voting forms,

Feedback received from members was good, with most reporting that the forms were very easy to complete and very straightforward.

AdPlace owner Geoff Noake commented:

This was the first time we had adapted a simple lead generation system to do something more complex than it was designed for. Response was also helped by the fact that the club had advised its members to look out for the two voting emails that carried the club logo and a photograph and were suitably branded for easy recognition.

Now that they have successfully solved this problem, the agency believes that there are many other golf clubs, sports clubs and other associations that could use the system if their physical annual meetings cannot take place while lockdown prevails.

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You can find out more about Dore & Totley Golf Club Sheffield here.

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