How Good Is Your Website?

How Good Is Your Website?

Looking for website design in Sheffield, Chesterfield or Derby?

With all the bad news that’s happening today, I’ve just received a nugget of good news. So good, in fact, I need to share it with you.

I have just received a copy of an independent ‘State of Agency’ Report that assessed the websites of 86 agencies in Sheffield. Until I received it, I was unaware that the survey had been carried out, or that AdPlace Marketing was one of the agencies on the research list.

Which is why I was extremely pleased to find out that we were not only well above average, but if my figures are correct, we are in the Top 10!

Website Design Sheffield – The Survey’s Findings

The survey assessed various aspects of each agency website and found that ours met standards in a number of areas for core services, of which, website design is just one:

  • A secure HTTPS: Now essential; AdPlace has one – if you don’t then you will be punished by Google in searches.
  • Analytics: we use Google Analytics to assess traffic volumes and sources. It’s a free and in my view, an essential Google tool. Download your free AdPlace Google Analytics guide here
  • Responsive website – Your website MUST be mobile or device responsive. 9% of agency websites analysed were not
  • Lead generation: We could help you to add this service to your website, even if we don’t manage it. Why do 1 in 10 of the agencies surveyed not bother?
  • Email technology: only 28% of agencies surveyed were found to be using e-mail. As the people you want to talk to now will more than likely work from home owing to the coronavirus crisis,it’s even more important. Read this email post or ask us for a quote if you wish to use e-mail marketing as part of your marketing activity
  • Case studies: we have some case study content on our website but we could do more. When created properly, case studies are another great way to boost SEO (search) benefits. One third of agencies surveyed had no case studies on their websites
  • Use of video: Four out of ten agencies surveyed specifically offer video, motion, CGI or film production, although most seem to offer it as a service. Video and CGI design is one of our core services. We also do television. In my view, video is a vital part of the media mix. Visit the film and video page.
  • Blog content: I find it incredible that agencies overlook the potential of blogs to improve search ranking. Clients have often said to me that they check the latest news posted date to establish the credibility of any potential supplier. Why then, have 13 of the 62 agencies using a blog not posted new content for 12 months? 5 had most recent posts dating back to 2017. 3 were prior to 2017. At the time of writing, there are 70 posts on the AdPlace blog.

Where We Could Do Better

Whilst I am very happy to feature well among our competitors in the region, it won’t be difficult to improve still further. However, if we ignore live chat, the other two items where we were scored down are optional tools rather than something that would be applied as part of the website design strategy.

  • Live chat: There are so many low cost software options out there that this is a no brainer really. Note to self to add one
  • Paid advertising technology: 77% of agencies surveyed are not using paid ads. Perhaps now worth a try as times get harder
  • Marketing automation: This is a bit harder to fix as there are so many CRMs out there. Make a mental note to self to try Hubspot again and perhaps link the e-mail email system we use to the website

In Summary

As I say, I am extremely pleased to find we are doing okay when measured against our competitors. However, it does raise one BIG question. This is:

If the findings of this survey of typical of our industry, then if agencies are not doing the best for their own websites, what are they doing with yours?

Of course, it may well be a case of ‘cobbler’s shoes‘* and it’s something to get round to.

If You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get

AdPlace Marketing creates and manages websites for a number of clients.

Can we help you with yours? If you click here you can jump over to a blog post that highlights the success we have had with one particular client’s website, only months from sending it live.

AdPlace Marketing And Website Design In Sheffield

And on a last note, one third of agencies surveyed did not reach the average score. It’s now our job to move on and improve things – we could perhaps be the best for website design in our area then.

Source: STATE OF AGENCY REPORT SHEFFIELD 2020 Data-Hive and Partners, 2020

*Cobbler’s shoes: The Cobbler is so busy mending other people’s shoes that his are worn out as he never gets time to repair them.

Image by Stanislav Hedvik from Pixabay

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