Which do you value most – hands on experience or a woman on Facebook?

Which do you value most – hands on experience or a woman on Facebook?

I read an article in Campaign magazine about the value of experience in an advertising business.

Then, I saw a cartoon about ‘experts’ posted on social media along the same lines.

For a number of years prior to setting up AdPlace Marketing and Media, I was an active member of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA).

The IPA focuses on promoting the advertising, media and marketing and industries in the UK, lobbying Government and business leaders, and setting protocols for best industry practice.

I am also a long-standing Fellow of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM), another association that is dedicated to training and the development of professionals in the industry.

My colleague, Amy Helliwell, is a Member of the IDM and I’m proud to say that the agency has just been awarded the IDM’s CPD (continuous professional development) Award for 2019.

Campaign has been championing diversity in regard to age, ethnicity and equality for a few years. In the article I refer to, it questions why a client would rely on a younger person working on its account, who may not have the experience to avoid making mistakes.

It argued that a more experienced account director would, in all likelihood, have made those mistakes a long time ago and, is not going to make them again. A safe, yet, creative, pair of hands.

“While we’re all bending over backwards to be inclusive in other ways, there’s a massive ageism in the industry. It’s not about being fair, it’s about having a good business and doing well for your clients. To think all the skill and wisdom exists under 33 is extraordinary. It’s nuts.”
Sara Spary, Campaign

The cartoon ably sums up the change in ‘authority’ over recent years.

So, this might be a good time to remind you that Amy, who looks after social media for clients, with great success I might add, has the following qualifications:

• The IDM Professional Certificate in Social Media
• Diploma in Social Media

In short, Amy knows what she is talking about.

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