The Ultimate Email Benchmarks For 2021

The Ultimate Email Benchmarks For 2021

I have recently received a comprehensive email benchmarks report that tables the latest statistics relating to email marketing.

The stats, which are based on an analysis of 100 billion emails sent globally in 2020, are here to equip you with the email marketing effectiveness knowledge you need to evaluate your own email marketing results.

It’s a simple list, but one which I hope will help you to focus your own email marketing activities.

Average email benchmarks for all industries

An overview of global email marketing statistics for 2020:

  • Average open rate: 18.0%
  • Average click-through rate: 2.6%
  • Average click-to-open rate: 14.1%
  • Average unsubscribe rate: 0.1%

Best days for email marketing

In a departure from previous years, 2020 email marketing statistics by day show that email benchmarks did not vary greatly throughout the week. However, one day did stand slightly above the rest in terms of performance.

  • Best day with highest email open rates: Friday (18.9%)
  • Best days with highest click-through rates: Friday (2.7%)
  • Best days with highest click-to-open rates: Wednesday and Friday (14.4%)
  • Email unsubscribe rates were virtually identical throughout the week (0.1%)

Worst days for email marketing

Based on the global averages by day shown above, these are the worst-performing days for sending. While this data is academically interesting, you should carefully consider your own audience and run email tests before blocking entire days off your campaign calendar.

  • Worst day with lowest email open rates: Saturday (17.3%)
  • Worst days with lowest click-through rates: Saturday (2.4%)
  • Worst day with lowest click-to-open rates: Tuesday (13.5%)

What about the UK email benchmarks?

Here in the UK, the figures vary from those reported globally:

  • The average open rate: 16.4% against 18% globally
  • Click through rate: 1.6% against 2.6% globally
  • Click to open rate: 9.9% against 14.10% globally
  • The unsubscribe rate remains the same at 0.1%

Above average – a short case study

Here at AdPlace Marketing, we create and send email marketing and SMS (text) campaigns for a number of clients, one of which is Caring Matters Now, the only UK charity dedicated to supporting those affected by Congenital Melanocytic Naevi (CMN).

To help improve the delivery values of their email marketing campaigns, Caring Matters Now has put much time and effort into improving their list quality. By reviewing open rates, click-throughs, bounced email addresses and unsubscribed data fed back by AdPlace following each email, the last 17 email broadcasts have had no bounces and just one person has unsubscribed. Oh yes, the open and click rates are well above the averages shown above too.

You can check out the Caring Matters Now website here.

How can I ensure that my email marketing works?

There are a number of things you need to think about in order to improve your list and send quality:

Improve your subject lines: Use persuasive verbs to encourage action and test subject line length, tone and content. Also, test time and day for sending

Improve your click-through rate: Maintain brand voice throughout your messaging, improve your calls-to-action through clear copy and better design, and ensure your subject line accurately reflects the content of your emails

Improve your email click-to-open rate: Make sure your email renders well across all devices, includes an irresistible, easy-to-click, call to action, and A/B test each email element individually

Improve your unsubscribe rate: Grow a healthy list from the start, segment your audience to send more relevant emails and re-engage your audience to maintain list hygiene

Improve your email bounce rate: Remove invalid email addresses, validate and/or suppress previous bounces, and avoid using spammy content

Ask us to help

If you need help with your email marketing then simply drop me an email here or call direct on 07896 785869. We’ll be very happy to give you a quote.

Data by courtesy of Campaign Monitor.

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