Email marketing works

Email marketing works

Client success through Email marketing!


“That was the best day we’ve had in years. I had to recharge my phone twice!” were the words of the managing director of a software company that produces 3D design packages for kitchen, bathroom and bedroom designers.

He said this following a first outbound e-shot to around 800 customers, to announce the launch of a new software version following a major redesign of the product.

They had had virtually no contact with his company for some time and the email, written and broadcast by AdPlace Marketing, was designed to re-connect with them and announce the new software.

53% of the audience opened the email with the client receiving phone calls directly following delivery, as well as a number choosing to click the ‘call me for more information‘ link.

Significantly, not a single ‘unsubscribe‘ request was received.

Construction client finds Email marketing a success too


Another example of successful Email marketing is for a specialist construction subcontractor in the glass and glazing sector. This company designs and builds facades and regular sales emails have helped him to redefine his customer base. 

Telling us that his company had secured business until the middle of 2019 (that’s 6 months at the time of writing) this AdPlace client has not only increased turnover but is now working higher quality projects for a smaller number of reliable customers. Which is the perfect business model!

These are just a couple of examples showing how e-marketing works for our clients and can work for you too!

If you want to find out how email marketing can help your business, then give us a call. Alternatively, you can drop us an e-mail via the link and we’ll contact you.

You can also visit the email marketing page on our website where you can read more.


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