Think About The Colour Of The Call To Action Buttons In Your Emails

Think About The Colour Of The Call To Action Buttons In Your Emails

You might think that the colour of your email call to action buttons (CTA) is a minor consideration, but marketers who have extensively tested such things have found otherwise.

When it comes to conversion rates and ROI, the colour of the call to action buttons can have a really powerful effect on response.

In marketing e-shots we have broadcast for clients, simply introducing a button, or changing the colour of it, has made a positive impact on results.

Before we continue, it is important to point out that colours are often culturally and subjectively charged and their significance, religious or otherwise, varies around the globe.

However, the purpose of this email is to simply focus on a few key points made by different designers regarding:

The Use Of Colour In Your Call To Action Buttons

A red button can represent strength, excitement, vitality and energy. It can also be used to convey warmth. Red also suggests urgency and draws the eye.

This stands out against more neutral colours and works well against green and blue. It doesn’t carry the association of a ‘stop sign’ or a ‘warning’ that red might convey.

Optimistic and youthful, yellow can be a good option for a heading. In fact, black type on yellow is one of the most powerful colour combinations there is. However, yellow can ‘fade’ when used on light backgrounds.

As well as being a colour to conjure up the feeling of health, nature and the environment, apparently the brain likes green as it conveys a sense of balance and is easy to process.

If you are looking for a colour to convey dependability, calm and trustworthiness, then this is it. Blue is not seen as being pushy or aggressive and so can be a good colour for persuasion.

Traditionally a colour to project spirituality, exclusivity or luxury, it provides a calming, peaceful feeling, rather than demanding that you ‘get up and go’.

The Bottom Line – What Works For You
The colours you choose for your CTA buttons can depend on how they fit against the other colours on your website, e-shots, landing pages, as well as their power to influence ROI.

We recently placed two blue buttons within an e-shot we produced for a client and it had a massive effect, dramatically increasing the number of people who clicked to sign up for a newsletter.

As with most things in marketing communications, a simple A/B test using a different button colour for both elements of the test will provide an insight into what will work best for a specific task.

However, colour is just part of the story. The words you use in your call-to-action are equally if not more important, so whether it’s ‘Click Here’ or ‘Buy Now’, your choice of wording can have a massive effect on the ROI of your campaigns.

I’ll look at this in more detail in a new post soon.

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